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Hi All

Does anyone know of a way i can disable text messages on Asterisk as in the option to send a text message to the pbx, i assumed it was the text to speech option but looking at the menu’s it doesn’t look like it is set up. or do i just need to remove the path, screenshot of current config below:

I’m a lil confused.

SMS messages? Or something else?

Please explain your issue.

Hi Pitzkey

apologies yes i’m looking to disable the option of receiving sms messages coming through as calls,

That didn’t really help.

An SMS call doesn’t present to the system as a ‘phone call’, so it isn’t going to be processed as one. There is special Asterisk interaction that’s required to accept a stream of SMS data.

Installing ‘text to speech engines’ allows you to convert text (from files, for example) to be converted to “machine voice” files. It’s not really intended to turn a text message into a voice message, but if it did (and I suppose someone is going to get that working), the message would be dropped into something like a Voicemail box.

The only SMS “service” that comes with the system through the GUI is from SipStation, and I don’t use it, so I can’t really help you.


isn’t really “a thing”. If you enabled Text Message traffic in Asterisk and your provider supports it, you can receive SMS messages, but “out of the box”, FreePBX doesn’t really do that (unless it’s part of COS [inside joke]). Because of that, there’s no way to install it, so uninstalling it is probably even harder.

thanks cynjut.

ok i was getting reports of text message being recieved by users when i sent a message to the system yesterday a user said they received it as a machine voice. i better carry out some testing and see what is really going on, thanks for the reply.

“If you enabled Text Message traffic in Asterisk and your provider supports it, you can receive SMS messages”

is there a setting to disable text message traffic? under which menu would i find that.

you got me intrigued by COS now :slight_smile:

Not per se, but there’s code that needs to be added to the Asterisk inbound contexts (IIRC) that allows the out-of-band SMS traffic to traverse the server and be processed. Out of the box, this kind of code isn’t (as far as I know) included in the base install of Asterisk or added by FreePBX.

The Inside Joke: Every time I say “No, can’t be done” someone replies with “Class of Service will do that”, so I’ve started caveating everything with “… unless COS does it.” I doubt that COS will help you with this, but having said that, I’m probably going to be wrong yet again. :slight_smile:

Thanks cynjut.

I think I’ll leave it as is for now. Thanks for filling me in on COS. :slight_smile:

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