Disable "sending provision requests" in yealink T26P

Using FreePBX

I bought a used Yealink T26P to use with the pbx.
I did a factory reset. The firmware seems to be the latest - ends in 0.50
and agrees with what I found on the yealink support site…

When I first power the phone on…it presents the usual “Initializing” screen…
then up pops “Sending Provision Requests”, which stays there almost a minute
before it goes away and the main screen appears.

This message delays the boot unnecessarily and I’d like to get rid of it,
I looked in the phone’s configuration, and couldn’t find which settings
govern “provisioning” ( which may be causing the problem )…

I’ve set up 3 other Yealink phones on this system, without this issue:
a T20P, T28P, and T41P.

Any help appreciated!


If you have this screen, set everything Off as shown. If you don’t, perhaps customized by former provider.


Thanks for your reply…

I did everything you suggested, but It is still popping up.
Surprising after a factory reset…

The firmware I see is the
standard one for this phone

Also, it takes what seems like a very long time to initialize, even before
the “sending…” message, and that adds another minute…
But that may be a separate consideration.


Confirm that you did not do a factory reset after disabling provisioning.

If you go back into the provisioning settings after a reboot, are they still off?

Does the Status screen show any hints of customization?

If you have to reboot more than once or twice a year, maybe you should try to fix the underlying problem.


  1. I did not do the factory reset after making the config changes you suggested.

  2. After a reboot, I went back to the auto-provision section, and your
    suggested changes were still in place.

  3. Status screen shows no hints of customization ( at least to my
    untrained eye.) Last time I had to override a customization ( a t41p
    customized for a Verizon service ) the firmware was not Yealink’s…
    When I downloaded the Yealink firmware, the problems went away.

This one shows the right version for Yealink’s latest firmware…is it
possible for a customization to be written into yealink’s firmware without
changing the version number?

As for having to reboot more than 2x/year…this is a just bought phone…not in
service yet. So can’t answer the question…but since all other aspects of the
phone work just fine ( it registers…e.g.) I guess I could live with it.

Anyway, thank you much for your help…


Yealink phones reach out to Yealink’s magic zero touch provisioning server by default.

Once successfully provisioned (not manually setup) they will stop using it.

Second. What is the entire firmware version? FFS what benefit is there to anything by hiding that information? Applicable to the current situation is that the 3rd section is actually important since you bought a random piece of used gear.


Full firmware version is

When you say “3rd section”, where is that?



The 0. That space is important. It designates custom carrier firmware versions with 0 being default, Yealink.

So now we all know, and do not have to assume, that you are correct and the unit is using stock firmware.

On to the rest of my post. Did you or did you not successfully auto provision the phone? Because once auto provisioned, it will never look at the Yealink zero touch server again, unless defualted of course.


Sorry, I am very much a neophyte in the world of SIP phones…
I’ve set up 3 other Yealink SIP phones - configured them manually, but
don’t know anything about auto-provisioning…

The other 3 phones were never set up to auto-provision, but they
boot in a little over a minute, and the “Sending Provision Requests”
message never appears…

This is the first time I’ve seen that message. And it increases the boot time to
over 2.5 minutes…

Thank you for your help.


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