Disable Message Waiting beep in newer Polycom's

Does anyone know what I need to add to the Commercial EPM to disable the beep you get about every 30 seconds when you have a voice mail waiting?

This is driving some people batty, and I am looking to correct it, but don’t want to take to hand editing the files since I use the EPM. I see some of the settings under Legacy, but as I have 560’s and 670’s they don’t fall under the legacy config.

Any pointers would be most appreciated…

I added a post about this earlier here but never had any success. Pretty sure it contains what needs to be entered to stop the very annoying tone but never had any luck getting the EPM to accept it. Hopefully you’ll have better luck!

Yep, I was able to find some info on turning that off, but I don’t see how I add that stuff into the EPM. Which would mean that I then had to take and hand edit every config file after making with EPM, so it kind of defeats the purpose of using EPM with the Polycom phones.

As this is driving some executives crazy, and I have heard the beep, and in an office that would be annoying, I need a solution. I was hoping that someone would pipe up being it was a commercial module with some advice, but guess I need to open up a support ticket.