Disable extensions secret complexity

The newer versions of freepbx has extension secret complexity set to 6 characters and 2 letters and 2 digits. I want to disable this. How can I do it?


DAMN CACHING !!! That was the problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Close and open browser !

The Avaya 4621 phones can’t do alpha characters for the password. I also had to disable it.

You might need to exit your browswer and empty your cache.

Here’s what I did. It will never reach the alert and return true.

  if (password.match(/[a-z].*[a-z]/i) == null || password.match(/\d\D*\d/) == n$
    return false;
    alert('<?php echo _("The secret must contain at least two numbers and two l$
    return true;

This is just for checking the alpa numeric, it still requires me to put in 6 or more digits for the password.

From my notes
##fix weakpassword()
##Edit the file at:
nano +77 /var/www/html/admin/common/script.js.php
##Add “return false;” as the first line inside of the weakSecret() block.

I will try closing my browser. Maybe this is the solution.

I found this post but is not working for me.


I do not have problem with devices but I had a hardware problem and I reinstalled a new box. I do not want to change the passwords to 37 devices ! I want to use the same.

It is not only warning.

Is there any possibility?

If I’m not mistaken, a warning is presented but you can still accept the weaker password if you want?

Why do you want to change that? What device does not allow you to enter the combination of characters and digits?