Disable DTMF or muting during conferences

I have an install where we are having ongoing issues with participants getting muted. We’ve gotten nowhere troubleshooting, so now I just want to disable DTMF or muting in conferences. I already have menus disabled, but this doesn’t stop people from muting themselves.

Is this possible, and if so, how?

As stated before maybe try and get off the obvious virtualization you keep trying to use as its not working for you as you keep having weird problems all over the place.

See https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/plugins/servlet/mobile#issue/ASTERISK-19726

What version of asterisk are you running

If I go to this client and tell them then have to spend $1500 to de-virtualize their phone system they are going to throw out FreePBX and go with something else.

This was NOT an issue for over a year with the platform and suddenly started happening about three months ago. Meanwhile, the echo that was also blamed on virtualization has disappeared. I think it’s far, far more likely that there’s a bug in the code than that virtualization is somehow causing random DTMF codes in conferences.

The virtualization platform has been constant. The malfunctions that have come and gone do so with module and version updates.

jfinstrom, we’re running FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-12 against Asterisk 11.9.0 and using app_confbridge

If you guys are going to blame virtualization first for every problem that comes up we’ll have to find another platform to recommend to our clients.

@freerpbxer from my quick look at your history it seems that you are using Windows based virtualization. Virtualization has come a long way over the past few years, however experience tells us that your chosen virtualization technology has issues when used with FreePBX, and is not deployed by many people on this platform. Not having a large user base to draw experience on, and few other people reporting the same issue it’s easy to draw conclusions that issues you are encountering are related to your choice or infrastructure. Of course this may or may not be the case. The development team does not test against your chosen environment, so it becomes tough to replicate issues when you are doing things others in the community are not.

Maybe you can do some testing on a different virtualization platform in your environment and see if you are still having the same issues.

I also don’t understand your threats and attitudes shown in this thread, saying your customer doesn’t want to spend the money in dedicated hardware, and you will move to another platform if the development team doesn’t choose to support your environment, is not likely to inspire anyone to help out. I understand your frustration when stuff doesn’t work but the development team cannot support every conceivable installation method.

There are a couple reasons I’m frustrated.

  1. Most recently support chewed through an hour of support time, $160, fixed nothing, and then said, “Sorry, we don’t support Windows Virtualization”. I don’t like spending $160 that way.
  2. Of late, the response to our issues has been to blame virtualization. However, every issue I’ve reported has either been a software bug that was subsequently corrected, or an issue that didn’t initially exist on the virtualized platform, but started happening long after install/go-live. The most pertinent examples are the conference echo, which didn’t exist at go-live, was blamed on Hyper-V and support gave up on blaming Hyper-V, which has since gone away entirely, and the current 'phantom DTMF" issue that is causing conference participants to become muted even though they didn’t press the mute key. This started several months ago on a system that’s been running for 18 months without issue.

It wasn’t my intent to make a threat. We just can’t recommend this platform to clients with so many ongoing issues and this much difficulty getting results for paid support.

We will stick with telling you Hyper-V is not the wise choice and will keep having issues. You do realize their are thousand of new installs a day of FreePBX/Asterisk and nobody else ever has these same problems you keep reporting which tells us all we need to know.

Its your choice of hardware/virtualization. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Just stop and listen for a minute and I think you will be much better off.

Quit telling us why you cant use dedicated hardware or a proper linux virtualization such as KVM and do it.

Secondly most of those issues you keep brining up also are not ANYTHING FreePBX could introduce, cause or fix.

Your threads lately have been all the same thing. Scream, yell and kick but not listen to us or even what Malcom from Digium told you on the other thread. Please do us all a favor and take our advice or quit asking and maybe move on to something else if you you are not happy with what you hear.

It’s also possible that some people are afraid to report issues because they get beat up for doing so.

What I asked here was how to disable DTMF in conferences. Not to be berated or raked over the coals.

I’m sorry you don’t feel like I listen. Aside from the virtualization issue I’ve done every single thing that’s been requested, including resetting the phones to default today.

If you don’t support platforms that’s fine, but I think it’s important to make that clear in advance: Plaster “WE DON"T SUPPORT HYPER-V” on the distro download page and make it equally clear that using EPM Pro makes the web GUI entirely unusable and unsupported on Digium phones. At least people can make informed decisions that way.

You guys are awfully darn harsh on someone who’s actually advocating for the use of your products :frowning:

I am done here. Good luck with your adventures. You are missing everything everyone even outsiders like Malcom from Digium has stated and you just want to keep talking over us.

I am sorry but I strongly disagree with this statement after seeing your comments over at DSL Reports about how you “feel” and “advocate” about FreePBX and Schmooze, Com, Inc and I have to call you out. James sent you right to an Asterisk bug to help you, Tony replied that it’s virtualization and in the other thread Malcom replied with several ways how to fix your phone issues. I am baffled that you think we are being “awfully damn harsh” and I respectfully say that you yourself are being “awfully damn harsh”. Everyone in here has been pretty kind and overly patient with you and I’ve seen some ugly threads in my day here.

You seem to want to place the blame solely on everything FreePBX, Digium, Schmooze, Com, Inc does so that you can justify to your client why there are issues instead of giving them a proper solution as has been mentioned in this thread and other threads dealing with other issues you’ve had. We now fully realize that when sh*t hits the fan you point the finger at all of this “Open Source Software”, you’ve made that abundantly clear by telling us that you will go with another “product” and “have” to tell your client that.

The fact that you are now playing the “victim” card is aggravating. When you post in different threads that you “will have to find another product” that is threatening the developers, FreePBX and Digium, holding us hostage so that we say something like “please don’t leave we will do anything you want” or so that we feel bad, it doesn’t make us jump out of our seats and it doesn’t make us feel guilty it only gives us a terrible taste in our mouth. You’ve not only said this once but many times and I am not sure what you expect us to say in response to that.

I leave attached all of your responses from DSL Reports here, it is not hard for us to cross link your username, email address and general location with those provided on DSL Reports. If the below responses are advocating FreePBX then maybe I just don’t know how to read or how to interpret what you are trying to imply.

If their commercial modules, Device Manager and their new “Apps” infrastructure and any indication, they are going to need to seriously step up their game in terms of quality and usability (and customer support for that matter) if they want people to pay for it.

Does anyone know if the song “America”, which includes the lyric, “Let freedom ring” is copyrighted?
If so, they seem to have violated copyright law all over their web site.

This is, in my experience, the standard whinge of some in the open source community. Anyone who complains or reports quality issues/defects is told to fix it themselves and/or that they shouldn’t complain because they are getting something for free. As I’ve noted elsewhere about this particular product, there are ads and sales pitches that have been inserted throughout the FreePBX GUI in the last couple years, so let’s just dispense with the supposition that Schmooze is not getting anything from their support of the free product.

That said, the paid/commercial modules have been, in my experience, more buggy and problematic than the open source modules. Support is expensive and more than once I’ve had my support credits used, and was then told that my platform wasn’t supported, so they couldn’t/wouldn’t fix the problem.

Another topic that is not productive. Im locking this one down too.

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