Disable DAHDi Configuration Writes

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Under Disable DAHDi Configuration Writes, there are two feature (True | False) in the case i want to disable the Disable DAHDi Configuration Writes to avoid that on reload this module does not override what i ve setting up manually, should i switch to True or False… i not sure what should be the default value, but i sure how much this feature could help if i turn off this module

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“True” == “Yes”
“False” == “No”

Okay i understand .
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As we were talking about Disable Dahdi Configuration Writes this my issue.

It’s been a long time that i ve been adviced by others on this forum saying that by disabling the Disable Dahdi Conf Files feature, will help my own configuration that i’ve set up particulary for digital card such as switch form t1 to e1 mode will save and will no be overwrite on startup.

I previously asking what was the default value The “True” or “False”, i understand i must switch from “False” to “True” which i’ve done, but still not solve my problem on startup .

I have an existing recent digital card from Diguim installed on the system Freepbx, i must set it from t1 to e1 mode by typing a few lines of command :

On the console :

nano /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi.conf
oprtons wcte13xp default_linemode=e1
modprobe wcte13xp default_linemode=e1
dahdi_genconf -v
dahdi_cfg -v

the last command is to verify that i have a total of 31 channels. which was true.

So, the thing that on startup i always need to reconfigure the card because all that i’ve done was overwrite even with the setting up the Disable Dahdi Conf Writes on True , but as i said IT DOES NOT FIX MY ISSUE .

Any help or suggestion will be more apprecitated.

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Has someone can guide me with an suggestion or whatever that could help about my previous post ? :point_up_2:

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Then remove the module.

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But please tell me by removing this module i will not need to re install the Freepbx for further use this module if something is wrong.

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