Disable CEL and CDR in freepbx16

hi there, i wanted to disable cel and cdr data becuase i dont need , i use asternic for call recording. Whats the best way to disable cdr and cel .Thanks

What does call recording have to do with CDR/CEL? As well AsterNIC pulls from the same CDR/CEL data as FreePBX. Disabling CDR/CEL disables the data being stored and thus makes AsterNIC useless.

in freepbx 15 i used to disable cel and cdr because it fills the dabatase and the asternic still worked because it gets the data from queue_log. But i dont remember how i did it something like module no load but i am not sure how

Oh so you are using the Queue Metrics which is completely different from their CDR reporting (which they offer). How did you disable it in v15? Did you disable the modules?

no i am using asternic… i just disable the CEL data by adding enable=no in /etc/asterisk/cel_general_custom.conf but cant disable CDR data

I know, they have a few products such as Queue reporting (which is what you are using) and CDR reporting. You weren’t very clear in your original post as you referred to “call recordings” which means something completely different.

I was able to stop the cdr from filling the database by changing the database name on /etc/odbc.ini to something else other than asteriskcdrdb. Is there a better way to disable it ? Thanks

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