Disable Caller ID for BLF

We are using Cisco 7961/7941 and some other cisco phones. And before anyone says anything, we are trying to ditch the cisco phones with freepbx. The issue at hand is that the blfs on the phones are showing the caller id for all calls that the blf is assigned to. Granted this is a feature, we need to turn it off. Cant seem to find where to turn it off and fix it. Ideas/pointers in the right direction?


Welcome to the hell that is the 79XX, that is a BLF setting on the phone itself. What the phone displays / handles a BLF state change/call is up to the phone. As an example, Polycoms can have you display the callerid like a normal call (take up the whole screen), show a smaller caller id detail splash or not show caller id at all. It also lets you choose if the phone will ring, beep or just flash the BLF line LED to show there is a call.

This is not something you’re going to fix with a setting in Asterisk/FreePBX.

Thats what I thought. Using the Cisco’s have been a pain in the ass, but we have been able to get everything we need working so far, blf, call forwarding, transfer, conference, logging in and out of ques using the SCCP manager. Guess I’m gonna be exploring the configs once again, at least the issue is a bit more narrowed down.

That’s because Cisco phones (except for the SPA series) are 100% designed for the Cisco Unified Call Manager platform. These are proprietary phones. Their ability to be used with other PBX systems or to be flashed to SIP and still be used with other PBX system is “best case”.

But if you can’t find something that stands out as the setting for this in the configs, you’ll have to hit up some Cisco forums for the answer and see if the setting exists, what is is called and the values it accepts.

… or return the phone to the dark side and use Chan-Skinny (standard with Asterisk) or Chan-SCCP-B (not standard, but very robust) and return the phones to their natural state.

Using SCCP with these phones opens up a lot of capabilities that had to sacrificed for the SIP load, so the phones can be a lot more functional. Downside is that there’s no SCCP functions in FreePBX (the one I wrote for 1.8 doesn’t work with the new versions of the FreePBX BMO data model).

I forgot to mention we are using Chan-sccp (not skinny cause it doesnt work with the sccp manager). We couldnt use sip as you stated it has a lack of features compared to sccp.

If you’re using chan-sccp-b, you should contact Diedrich on the chan-sccp-b forums - he should be able to give you a definitive answer. Also, none of the chan-sccp stuff is really related to FreePBX - it’s a nice add-on, but not part of the system. I wrote the manager for 1.8 but haven’t had the time or user pressure to update it to the new data and process models, so it’s not going to follow you when (or if) you upgrade.

Il do that. We just reached the same conclusion earlier today that it was a issue with chan-sccp b. Trying to figure out if there is a easy way to disable that feature.

./configure --disable-dynamic-speeddial-cid did the trick for us.

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