Disable Call Waiting globally on FPBX 2.11

Does anyone happen to know some database trickery to disable Call Waiting for all existing extensions?
We’ve recently found a problem with our new CRM-based phone clients and CW, so I need to turn that feature off for all call center agents.
There does not seem to be any option to disable CW globally, and I really don’t want to click and scroll through all our >500 existing extensions to change that setting manually.

You can uninstall the callwaiting module

I suspect that removing the module will keep CW enabled. You can get a list of extensions with CW enabled with:

asterisk -x "database show" | grep CW

And you should be able to disable for all extensions with:

database deltree CW

Not sure what the consequence of doing this will be, might be lingering issues with hints but should be safe.

I did an update through the mass update thing on the extensions, back when we could do ‘add’. ‘change’, and ‘delete’. Short of that, you could do a Bulk Handler update by exporting the list of extensions and changing the CW setting to ‘0’ (I think). @jfinstrom - do you remember the right setting to turn it off that way?

I tried that. As Lorne suspected - the CW entries in the database stayed the same, so it most likely was still active for those extensions that had it enabled before.

Thanks for the hint. The db deltree CW worked (but required a core reload to become active).

@wooshell or @lgaetz
Can you file a bug on this. Though 99% of people wont uninstall this but it should clean up after itself.


As far as I know, FPBX 2.11 is out of support already, so there probably is no point in creating a ticket.
But I can try the same procedure tomorrow on my v13 test box to verify the behaviour, and report it against that version if it made it into the new release.