Disable call forwarding remotely

Is there a way to disable call forwarding for an extension without actually going to that telephone? I am trying to disable CF for a user that has enabled it.

I was able to do this by going into Admin > User Management
Creating a new user account
Click on UCP tab and select Miscellaneous
Entered the extension in question under the Allowed Extension Settings

Once I logged into UCP, I was able to enable/disable the call forwarding.


Hard to believe, its been at least 4 years and you still cant do this from within the Admin GUI without creating a user! What cant we just click on the extension under the CF or DND column under Extensions???

Great idea!

You can contribute to the project and add it:

You could submit a feature request so the developers know this is a sought after function:

I do it from the CLI to disable DND replace XXXX with the extension. Haven’t looked into CF but I assume there is a field for CF or something along those lines.

asterisk -rx ‘database del DND XXXX’**

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There are three ‘families’ for call forwarding , CF (always), CFB (busy) and CFU (unavailable) , each /family/key (${EXTEN}) has a ‘value’ that defines the redirection for that condition, the absence (deletion) of a /family/key will remove the CFing for that ‘condition’ and generally revert back to ringing the phone and going to any defined VoiceMail if unanswered.