Disable activation check

i would like to clone a machine with all parameters preconfigure for easy deployement but when i restore the cloned image an a other machine the activation is ask…
can i bypass the check ?
i don’t use any commercial module
thanks for your reply

Activation is tied to the MAC address of the machine - if you have your cloned copy on a Virtual Machine, you can clone the MAC and then it will activate no problem.

it’s not Virtual Machine … it’s a clone with Clonezilla on a physical machine

Greg it’s not just the MAC address. Cloning a MAC address won’t work

So how can i do please

Tony is telling you to go to the portal site and re-register your install. You can do it a few times before you need to ask for a reset.
The last time I ask for a reset it only took a few hours.

I want to clone the machines for an easy and fast deployment without internet

don’t activate the image. We use virtual machines that we clone for development. The base image is not activated

If you dont use any commercial modules then uninstall sysadmin. The activation check will no longer happen

and is it possible to active the machine with the a command line like "fwconsole sysadmin activate … mail … password … machine_name "??

The CLI syntax is:

fwconsole sa activate xxxx 

Where xxxx is the deployment ID.

your command is for a machine with a deployment ID
but with your link i found the command fwconsole sa a [email protected] for register a new machine