DISA Not Recognizing Password

I have five FreePBX servers, all running FBPX with all module updates. My DISA quit working on all servers. When I dial the extension tied to the DISA, it asks for the password as normal. It says “Password Incorrect” with the correct password. I have reset the DISA password, but no improvement. I guess my next step would be to delete that DISA record, and set up a new one. Has anyone else seen this?

It has to be a system issue with all of my servers exhibiting the same behavior. DISA was working in the past.


If you look at your logs does it seem to correctly decode the DTMF digits?

Maybe the problem is not with the DISA entry but in decoding the password…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Sorry to be such a blockhead, but I am not sure which logfile to look at. Console with “asterisk -rvvvv” and Reports/Asterisk Logfiles in the GUI show the same info. I do not see DTMF decoding in those logs.

I have tried from multiple phones with different brands. The phone is not the problem.

At the Asterisk console run:

logger set level DTMF on

then perform your tests.

OK. Thanks. This is a byproduct of the Core bug just reported. Rolled back the Core update, and DISA now works.

A new Core, version is in the module repository. DISA pin/pw works fine.