DISA Magic With Dynamic Routes

FreePBX 16

I built a dynamic route that deals with two DISAs, one is authorized (no pin) and the other is unauthorized (pin required). The route does an API lookup to determine if they are authorized or unauthorized and provides a caller ID to set, which we do in the AGI via the set command.

The problem is when the DISA executes, it uses the original caller ID instead of the one I have set in CALLERID(num). I am authorized to send from the caller ID I am setting. I am wondering if DISA uses a different variable, other than CALLERID(num) for the caller ID. Does anyone know?


@lgaetz do you know?

Hi @comtech

Based on the description provided, it’s not clear with the issue is. It’s possible that the CID field in the DISA config is used for outbound calls, and not internal calls.

Thanks anyway. I’ll do a deeper dive into the dialplan and report back what I find.

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