DISA direct call possible without calling first DISA module?

dear community,

my destionation eg. number = 987654
my disa number is 0123456 - 100. if i call, then i can call the dest number.

is there a possibility to call 0123456 - 100 987654

by direct without calling first disa?

thank you so much.

many greets

When you dial into DISA, it takes a second or two to get to the “internal dialtone”.
You can’t pass the digits like that, HOWEVER, you could try putting some commas in there (depending how you’re dialing) to pause to wait for a dialtone.

In other words, if you were using a speed dial or modem to dial into the DISA, you would do 0123456,100,987654 each comma would be a half-second pause.

If you’re dialing it from a keypad, then probably not.

Thank you Greg,

thats perfect!

one another question: is it possible to add the pin-code too (if set), or is there no possibility? because of security (in this case each person can call the disa number). thank you so much.

many greets

It would be the same thing…
0123456,100,pincode,987654 or however you need to dial it.

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