FreePBX is mostly working awesomely, but I’m having a bit of trouble with DISA right now, as it seems to be passing through CIDs that I don’t want it to.
We have numbers in various provinces through our provider, and I’d previously configured some different outbound routes so as to customize the Route CID depending on the destination (should show up as a local number for most people being called).

This works fine, but when I enabled DISA, it looks to be clobbering the route CID with the employee’s inbound CID (which then fails to be dialed through our provider).
I can specify one of our numbers in the DISA setup, but then I lose the custom CID functionality of the outbound routes.

I could be completely wrong, but right now what I think I want is to have DISA not provide any CID input, and leave that up to whichever outbound route later handles the call.

Potentially relevant links:

Thanks for any help anyone can provide

Have you looked into using Custom Context and forcing specific outbound route to override the employee’s inbound CID with your route CID?

I hadn’t, no. I’m new to VOIP systems, so I’m hoping to avoid using custom modules unless required. I’ll keep it in mind though in case my current workaround is insufficient, thanks!