Directory with Confirmation?

I’m using the Directory module with custom entries. I specify text to speech and the extension number.

What I thought it would do was read back the matching entires and give the caller some choice.
Instead at least in the case where there is a unique match it just connects the caller without ever giving anything to tell him if he is calling who he thinks he is.

If I specify announce extension, it does that, but still connects regardless, and never tells the caller who it matched.

What am I doing wrong?

that sounds like correct behavior since it is a unique match.

However, if you feel the behavior is undesirable then I would suggest you file a bug/feature-request (it sounds like one of those grey areas which one it is).

You should put in the description of what is happening (as you have described here) and a suggestion as to what you would like or think it should do or be configurable to do in such a situation.

Filing a bug will make sure that the issue is considered when we are in maintenance mode reviewing stuff since the forum post will quickly get ‘lost’ after just a few days.