Directory Type OpenLDAP not available

I’ve recently installed FreePBX 14.0.17 and have it configured with local users. After adding OpenLDAP to our Ubuntu server, I have tried following the guide on configuring it in the FreePBX UI but I only have “FreePBX Internal Directory” and “Asterisk Voicemail” in the list of options in Admin->User Management->Directories->Add->Directory Type. I have installed php-ldap on the server as per other topics but still have no entry in the menu.

Can anyone advise on how I can get this working?

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14 is end of life. For a new install you should be on 16.

Thanks for the quick reply. I only see 14.0 as Stable and 15.0 as Alpha on the manual install page on pageId 1048598 of the Wiki (sorry, it won’t let me post a link)

I’m guessing I just replace freepbx-14.0-latest.tgz with freepbz-16.0-latest.tgz?

Do you know if this will upgrade from 14.0->16.0 or do I need to do a clean install?

It looks like I need to fire up a completely new machine as the “expert” install guide is not up to date at all, therefore the version of Ubuntu is also incorrect. At least I can treat the first attempt as being a training exercise. I don’t think any further comments are required and I hope the post helps someone who might be coming to this afresh.

After completing a fresh installation using Installing FreePBX 16 on Debian 10.9 - FreePBX OpenSource Project - Documentation and also installed the php-ldap service. I still have no LDAP option for the Directory Type when adding a directory.

Could someone please point me to any usable documentation on how to add an LDAP directory to FreePBX 16.x?

Did you a2enmod ldap and restart apache after installing php-ldap?

I found a thread from a few years ago where I asked this same question and the answer was just php-ldap.

I hadn’t but have now, it has not made any difference though. I’m still only seeing the default options in the dropdown list.

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