Directory not reading last name in Freepbx 2.10

Hi, I have Freepbx and Asterisk 1.8, the issue I am having is that when I go to the Directory I enter an extensions last name and says that there are no matches. Apparently it only works on first name only.

I checked the extension and there is in the Display name a clear first name and last name, hence John Doe
So basically Joh will bring me John Doe
But entering doe will tell me there are no matches

So you know I have the Directory module installed and enabled 2.10, i also see in the module list Phonebook 2.11 and Phonebook Directory 2.11 additionally installed.

If anyone has any idea whats causing this it would be most appreciated

Thank you

I think i solved my own issue, I see that I was able to create a new directory, and then when i clicked on the Green plus button I was able to select “All Extensions” after doing so and naming it as a new directory, i was able to go to IVR, choose destination being Directory and use the newly created one I made