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I’ve now created a directory and imported all the extensions so i have a nice list.
what’s the next step to have them show on endpoints (mitel 5330) or softphones.
i feel like there must be another step required to specify which user can have access and view this directory.


Your feeling is correct - there is another step, but it’s not a straightforward one.

Every model of phone handles this “in their own” way. Some use URL calls, some download the directory to the phone firmware, others use a hybrid approach. You need to expose the directory to the phones in a way that’s compatible with their particular (peculiar, almost) needs. @sorvani has produced a Directory Management “Framework” project that you can use as a start.

Define what you mean by Directory Module.

Because Applications->Directory is not meant for this. it is designed for use as an option in an IVR to let callers get transferred.

Next, Admin->Asterisk Phonebook was the original location for setting up speeddials.
The problem is that it writes directly to the astdb and is not stored in a simple to access form within the FreePBX framework, but I have a basic python script to pull that into a Yealink XML address book.

Then, the most modern tool within FreePBX is the Admin->Contact Manager
I have wrote a couple different for this.

Finally, if it was just your extensions, I have something for that.

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