Directory module behavior and default announcement do not match

I have an issue with the directory module that I’ve recreated on multiple freepbx deployments. The problem is the default announcement instructs a caller to “dial three or more letters of the persons first or last name.” But it appears 3 is all the directory will actually process. Here comes the issue. I have an employee whose first name dialed in is 74362 and another employee that has a last name 7433426.

If you dial the complete name of the first employee, basically the system processes the 743, ignores the 6, and takes the 2 as a command to choose from multiple matched results, which routes the call to the wrong employee.

I’m changing my announcement to say just dial the first three letters and remove the “or more” from the script. But I’m curious if there is something Im missing because I doubt this is an oversight in freepbx.

Is that an announcement that “Allison” recorded, or is that one of yours?

If it’s an “Allison” recording, please submit a ticket so the two can be matched.

What version of directory module?

Tested on

Its definitely Allison. Its the default built in recording which is scripted out under announcement in the directory modules user guide


The greeting played to callers when they enter the directory. The default built-in announcement is “Welcome to the directory. Please enter the first three or more letters of the party’s first or last name, using your touch tone keypad. Use the 1 key for punctuation. Press 0 to exit the directory and obtain further assistance.” If desired, you can select a different announcement from your list of available System Recordings.

Current edge version is, so pls upgrade to confirm issue is the same before filing a ticket. There were some recent minor changes around the dtmf input step.

Forgive me if this is just ignorance, but I dont see the update available in module admin nor do I see any other track other then stable, how would i upgrade to the edge version?

fwconsole ma downloadinstall directory --tag --edge

Issue appears to be fixed in Thank you.

Question though, say the name is something like 74322 and the caller pauses between the 743 and the 22 will the directory module take the first 2 as a command for the multiple results or process it as a continuation of the name?

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