Directory matching the wrong persion

In our directory, we have myself “Barry Ralphs” & “Gina Carlson”. When someone types the first 3 letters of my first name, they dial “227”, then directory sends them immediately to to “Gina Carlson’s” extension. I assume because the first 3 letter of her last name are also “227”. Why doesn’t the directory module confirm if this is the person you want to talk to before sending you to them when it can’t’ find a unique match? Our directory module is on version: 13.0.18.

Has no one else had this issue before?

I just tested using the names you gave in the example and it works for me. After entering 2-2-7, Alison notifies me there are 2 matching entries and tells me to continue entering digits or hit pound to choose from the matches. No issues. Are you sure you don’t have any spelling mistakes?

Grrrrrrr, sorry, looks like my extension wasn’t in the directory.
At one point I deleted myself & recreated my extension.
I guess I assumed it would automatically add me back into the directory.

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