Directory disconnecting calls whose extensions have Follow-Me enabled

Wierd. I thought everything was wonderful until the phone system’s owner pointed out that when customers call and dial-by-name, they sometimes get disconnected. Some employees can be called, and others not.
I narrowed it down to those with Follow-Me configured would disconnect callers coming from the directory. You can dial their extensions from an IVR, or anywhere just fine. But, when the call comes from the Directory’s dial-by-name it hangs up (pbx.c: – Executing [[email protected]:1] Hangup(“IAX2/carolynk(bloomington)-2294”, “”) in new stack)to be specific.

Any ideas? The research I’ve done makes it sound as though this should work. I thought it worked, perhaps in a previous version?

Has anyone else seen this, or is currently suffering from this affliction?

Thank you,