Directory / Dial By Name not recognizing name

Hi All,

We have a strange situation with our Directory / Dial by name directory where for some reason one extension (Jim Gillan) is not working. When you dial by name either the first 3 letters or last 3 letters of his first name or last name it says “I’m sorry there is no entry matching the keys you have entered”.

All other extensions / names that were added to the directory seem to be working fine except for this one person. We’ve tried to delete him from the directory and re-add him but the same problem exists. Wondering if anyone else has come across this problem before?

We are on version 16 for PBX & Asterisk.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Hi All,

Just a follow up to my previous post in case it helps others. We had created a default directory initially and then created a custom directory at a future point.

Our IVR option to access the Directory application was still pointing to the original default directory instead of our custom one. The original default directory did not have the extensions assigned to it and hence the problem was overlooked.


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