Directory Call External Number

How do I add an external number to a directory? I want to say for this number (external) press 1. If the user presses 1 then the call is forwarded to the external number. I see there is a custom options, but it seems a bit confusing. The only options that show up are internal extensions and custom.

I added an internal extensions and then set the follow me to go to the external number. This was the easiest way that I could figure out, is there any other solution? Seems like a lot of people would want this feature.

Misc. Destinations

I’ve added Misc Destinations and still that does not come up as one of the options for the directory.

Are you using directory pro?

There are two Open Source directory modules to choose from

I have the following.

Directory2.11.0.4 Enabled and up to date.

I just searched the commercial modules and the pro version showed up. How much is the license for this?

Add a destination
Choose custom
Dial String: Local/[email protected]

WOW… I feel stupid. I need the IVR to dial an external number not the directory. I setup a ring group with just an external number and set that ring group as an option for the IVR. When the option is pressed during the call being handled by the IVR the call is terminated.

I have read custom destinations should be used, but there is nothing anywhere that has any information to be used as an example.

It seems that I can dial the ring group and the call completes, when selecting the option in the IVR the Destination if no answer: setting gets used. Currently that is set to terminate the call. If I set this to ring group and select itself, the IVR enters into an endless loop if the option is selected.

The only way I could get this to work was to make a queue with the external number in it. This worked, it was the same setup as the ring group that did not work. The queue will work for my needs. Thanks for all the help!