Direct Voice Mailbox Transfer

So I have rather vanilla FreePBX 13 install. We usually manage most inbound customer calls through a receptionist using Flash Operator Panel 2. It makes call handling pretty easy.

We have a new site opening and they don’t have a dedicated receptionist. So they are managing inbound calls at desk phones without FOP2. What would be the default feature code for directly transferring a caller to a user’s voice mailbox? I know about the blind and unattended transfers to a user’s phone, but can’t see offhand the feature code for shooting a caller over to a user’s voice mailbox.

Sorry if I’m blind, as I’ve checked in the FreePBX GUI under Feature Codes and don’t see it listed anywhere. I know it works, since FOP2 facilitates this. :grinning:

Disregard, I just saw it. The *99 Direct Dial Prefix. I’m good now.

At the bottom with the voicemail feature codes. By default direct to voicemail transfer is *<ext>

That didn’t work for me at least. I had to use *99<ext> and then I was good.

I said it was the default. Someone could have modified it. All those can be customized or disabled.

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