Direct Message to a Zulu Chat from a script

Hi Experts,
do you know if there is a way to send a direct message to a Zulu chat from a script to alert the user of a quite-urgent event?

I’ve tried several ways but all of them have been unsuccessfull.

The nearest successful thing I’ve done has been sending an XMPP message to the UCP chat
trough letsencypt on port 5222 but I need it to get to Zulu Chat.

External XMPP client can chat with UCP chat (works fine).
UCP chat can chat with Zulu chat (works fine).
External XMPP client cannot chat with Zulu.

Any idea? Do you know if the Zulu chat server has any API to send direct messages to the users?

Many thanks in advance


There is no API but you may be able to figure out the internals with php

include '/etc/freepbx.conf';

That tells you all defined methods. It doesn’t give you the method signature so figuring out arguments is a bit more of a task.

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Hi jfinstrom,
thanks for the hint.
I’m looking to see if i can came up with something usable.

Many thanks.

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