Direct link to modules with authentication


I’m a long term Elastix user now moving to FreePBX Distro.

I have my own (none-admin) user frontend for CDR reports and other custom functions.
This frontend has links direct to the shutdown/reboot page (previously in elastix but now in the sysadmin module) and also to recordings files.

The issue I’m experiencing is that if the user clicks one of the links above and is not logged in within FreePBX then they are redirected to the status page after logging in rather than the module linked. Previously the login page wouldn’t show however I have found adding #login at the end of the URL causes the login to popup.

Is it possible to link direct to a module and if not logged in, show the login and then redirect to the linked module?

I have tried to workaround this by using authtype=none or authtype=webserver and using apache authentication + auth_mod_sql (using the ampusers table in the db). This works however all users seem to have full access even with authtype=webserver for some reason. Even users with limited access specified in the Administrators module get full access which I beleive authtype=webserver should solve and I can’t find any documentation on how to use authtype=webserver to restrict certail users to limited access…

Also is Asterisk 13 stable enough for production use? I’m swapping out a few PABX’s and thinking I may as well put on 13 if possible due it’s LTS status.

Kind Regards,

Anyone able to help?