Direct IP Dialing

Have an ALF that we provide phone service to. 10 Yealink phones and many residents that are connected via Grandstream ATAs using single line telephone handsets. The internet is less than completely reliable. Trying to think of how to ensure the residents can call the front desk if the internet is bad.

Direct IP dialing when a resident, on an ATA, calls the front desk Yealink extension that is on the same PBX? Good idea or not? How do I rewrite the call so that when a resident dials the front desk from their analog single line telephone in their room, through the Grandstream ATA, it changes just that extension to extension dialed call to be a direct IP call to the front desk phone Yealink IP phone?

What’s an ALF?
What’s your network ?
Where is everything relevant to your PBX ?

ALF - Assisted living facility
Network - Dedicated voice VLAN for all 10 Yealink phones (business office) and all Grandstream ATA’s with QoS and ToS on the firewall that gives voice vlan priority inbound and outbound
PBX - cloud hosted, FreePBX v16 with asterisk 18. All phones SIP-TLS and SRTP.

Internet is only cable and DSL. Fiber is not available.

What channel driver? chan_sip has a problem where chan_pjsip doesn’t when there is no ‘internet’

Everything is chan_pjsip

Is the PBX hosted on the same network as the extensions? If so then there shouldn’t be anything special you need to do and if not I would recommend considering installing something local to accommodate that particular use case.

Otherwise, I am not sure that this is a FreePBX question as what you are asking for is functionality in the Grandstream ATA. You may get lucky if somebody had previously setup something similar and the ATAs support that functionality but otherwise the only way I know how to solve this is to move the PBX to the same network as the extensions.

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