Direct dial to IVR of a different PBX

I have 2 FreePBX boxes at 2 sites. I have an option in the IVR of PBX-A to dial an extension at PBX-B using a “Misc Destination” and entering that extension number. I would rather have an option at PBX-A that routes the call to the IVR at PBX-B (and vice versa). To do that using the method I’m currently using, I would need a way to direct-dial into the IVR at PBX-B, but I don’t see that as a possibility. Is this the best way of achieving this outcome, or is there a better method?

Is there a DID set up for the IVR on PBX-B? if so you could always do an option on the IVR of PBX-A that points to that number via a misc destination.

Sorry, I failed to mention that I can also do that but I would prefer not to. I tested that method and it works, but then it ties up an outgoing channel on the PRI at PBX-A and an incoming line at PBX-B.

i guess you could always set up a trunk between pbx-a and pbx-b, Then set up a route that comes in routes to the pbx-b ivr.

For example,
Call comes in to main IVR on PBX-A
Option is selected to IVR of PBX-B (this would point to say a ring group with some sort of code like 8888(somenumber) )
In the outbound route that points to pbx-b you’d set up 8888 in the prefix and the match pattern to the number you added to it. Then push it to the trunk between the two pbx’s
Then build an inbound route where the number is the match to the pattern you chose minus the 8888 and route that to the ivr.

I think that should work out for you or is worth a shot. This is how I’ve set up soft switches before.

I have that now, and it works to specific extensions but not to the IVR. Example- pressing ‘2’ on the PBX-A IVR dials ‘8888201’ and then the call routes to ‘201’ at PBX-B as expected. However, ‘88880’ does not go to the IVR at PBX-B. That’s why I’m looking for another way to direct-dial to the PBX-B IVR internally instead.

build a virtual extension, set the destination for no answer to the IVR, set the ring time to 1 so it goes automatically to the failover destination?

That’s a good idea for a better workaround. I will test that and see if it works well. I’m still open to other suggestions also.

Ok, that is working. I setup a virtual extension on PBX-B with a ring time of “1” and it only plays 1/2 of a ring and goes to the IVR at PBX-B. That seems to be the best method at this point, so thanks for your assistance!

you’re welcome. glad it worked out for you!

Create a Directory with custom entries for the remote system, then set the ivr to use the directory.