Direct calls to recordings on server

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I posted this first over at the Asterisk forums but I have been directed here as its probably more appropriate.

I’m very new to Asterisk ( about 24 hours into testing it), and have installed the FreePBX Distro,
I’m using a Greandstream HT-702.

I have configured the server and phone to communicate and have set it up as extension 1111.

I need to be able to dial preset numbers from the phone to allow for recordings to be played back via to the phone.

I have my recordings on the server and I can make the server call the phone to make new recordings.
So I guess my question is, Can I make extension numbers that go directly to recordings then the phone hang up?

If so I would very much appreciate a guide or directions to a guide.

secondly can I have the phone ring at a set time and a recording be played to the phone.?

Thankyou in advance

I’m not an expert by any means, but I thought recordings are emailed after completion? seems like that would be the way to go.

I’m not comprehending exactly what you are trying to do. If you are on the phone, why do you need recordings? I’m confused.

The answer is to your original question is “sure, probably”, but I’m not sure I understand the point of the recordings.

well I have figured out what I am trying to do.

First of all I and making a phone simulator. User can dial real numbers and get automated responses.
The system is local only and not connected to the outside world.

It’s probably best described ans an intercom system I guess.
except the phone numbers go direct to recordings and not real phones.

I just need to get timed recordings. ( like the wake up call) to dial the handset.

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The “Hotel Wakeup Module” and “Reminders” modules are probably good starts.

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Another option is to record your responses, then when the caller makes the call have that extension direct to the announcement number of a recording.
here’s a recording, I use this one for an IVR but it would work for what you described.

Here is where the announcement goes in the extension…

hopefully this makes sense…

Hi Cynjut

The hotel wakeup does seem like a good idea except its only a pre set wake up message from what I can tell.

I had a quick look at reminders and didn’t get very far. I will take another look at this.


Hi chasemixon,

That’s almost what I have done. except ive got the announcement set in FM/FM.
this way I dont have to have it registered as active and it will still play.

thanks for your help

best regards

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