Direct calling extension from external, forwarded to another system

I have two VoIP systems, FreePBX and 3CX connected with each other by sip trunk. FreePBX is used to maintain every call, IVR, extensions in company, calling to external number via GMS gate etc. 3CX has only one trunk, made with FreePBX, and uses FreePBX as router for every external calls. Some users are in FreePBX, some in 3CX. Extensions are mirrored between these two, and FreePBX uses follow me to call 3cx and vice versa (for example, trunk uses 2XXX pattern, so if i want to call extension 161 from freepbx to 3cx, i’m just dialling 161, and if it doesn’t have registered handset on freepbx, it makes follow me to 2161). And it generally works fine, I’m able to redirect external calls from freepbx to 3cx manually, but not able to reach 3cx extensions directly from IVR. I suppose IVR doesn’t support direct calling via trunk.
So my question is - is there any possibility to make that work on IVR?
I hope I explained it clearly :wink:

Thanks from advance for any help

This topic comes up quite a bit:

Thank you for you answer, but not quite. Third topic is very simmilar, but I need something different (or I’m not undestanding it correctly :wink: )

I don’t need to call an IVR on 3cx, because I don’t have any on it. Routing this calls to sip trunk directly will not allow me to call exact extension present on 3cx, but only default number connected with this trunk on 3cx side (or maybe I’m wrong, and it works in different way?).

I need to do something, that would make direct dialling from freepbx IVR (during automatic message) to extension present in 3cx working, Now, when I dial 161 number during IVR recording when calling from mobile (for example), I can hear the sound of dialling, but nothing happens on handset, and freepbx is taking me back to IVR recording again. Logs are claiming that 161 number is busy. But, when I answer the call on “after IVR default handset”, and then manually redirect it to 161, it will work just fine, I can talk with this extension from mobile without any problems.

My english is not perfect, so please excuse me if I said something wrong, or ununderstable :slight_smile:

I think it’s pretty clear what you want.
You want to dial extensions on a remote system (3cx) from your FreePBX IVR.
The threads describe some of the ways you can do that.
E.g. set your 3cx extensions as custom extensions on freepbx (in custom dial section put: sip/siptrunkname/remotepbxextension)
or as miscellaneous destinations.

OK. I’ll try that. Thanks :slight_smile: