Direct call pickup not working

I’ve been struggling with asterisk’s direct call pickup. When someone externally phones in it rings at the switchboard ip phone (extension 100)when I try to pickup the call from another phone by dialing **100 it only returns call failed. Am I missing something??? Please help. I am using freepbx distro 3.211.63-6-x86_64.

Make sure all lines (or the lines you want to be able to pick up from) are in the pick up group… and the default general call pick up is *8… I haven’t tried **100. So any phone ringing in the office is in my pickup group then I just dial *8.

sorry - just re-read your question… Directed Call Pickup. From what I read you’re doing it right.

Are the digits allowed by the phones dial plan?

What do you see in the log?

Thanks for everyone’s help, I appreciate it but I solved the problem by creating a pickup group and using the *8 feature code and now it works great :smiley: