Dimensioning an Asterisk system (benchmarking)

is there an open source benchmarking tool for asterisk to calculate simultaneous max calls and the max number of extensions that can be added in a voip server and measure the hardware performance ? or how to build a benchmarking tool ??

Look at these and see if they meet your needs.


Hi and thanks for responding me ,
but that’s not what I am looking for.
What I want is to build a benchmark tools for asterisk that mesure the maximum calls simultaneously that can support depending on the characteristic of server ipbx whether it is i3, i5 or i7 and ram 2Go , 4Go and number of trunk …
This tools is going to calculate the number of calls simultaneously dependig on the characteristic and then generating a script on each server with the result

Please letme know for any details and thanks again for the help

Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are asking for. The tool lets you generate SIP Events and RTP streams and overlay it with your hardware utilization to determine the max potential of the hardware.

Another, less scientific option, could be to buy hardware comparable to what FreePBX/PBXact uses and adhere to their published limits.

I am not aware of any other open software for Asterisk benchmarking. Maybe someone else on the forum has additional insights.

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