Digum D40 Desktop Phones - Not working with Endpoint Manager


I have some old Digium D40 Phones that were donated to our non profit, and we are trying to get a freepbx on premise system setup. We are using flowroute for our DID’s and it shows we are connected, The problem is that the phones while they are shown in the On Endpoint Manager search, They are not configuring to allow calls through. I’ve even tried to turn on DPMA through Endpoint, but it’s not working.

Can anyone point me to the way to manualy configure these phones, or provide me with a template that works with the D40 so that I can get these to work.

Because we are a non profit, we have very little money to just go out and buy new phones. So any help to get THESE phones working would be of great help to us.

Thank you.


These are older phones, so EPM does not support using DPMA for them. They are configured in EPM like any other sip device. Config the template to provision using http, add an entry for each MAC in extension mapping and then set the phone to use http to download their config.

I finally gave up on the EPM, no matter what I tried they didn’t work. I manualy configured them and while I’m able to get calls into the device, I have another thread open about outbound calls.

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