Diguim Digital Card E1 mode vi GUI

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I am using a recent diguim digital 1 span for a E1 trunk, since the card has not a jumper to switch it from T1 to E1 i have to log on the CLI for the setting of the card , it’s there a way on the UI to switch the card on E1 mode instead of typing command on the CLI ?

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I think if i am not wrong, there is no such setting from GUI. You can run the command from linux: t1e1override with mask, after then set it from GUI.

Just Sangoma cards have this option in GUI.

Hi, Okay …

I am sorry but please tell me what do you mean about that ???

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It depends on which driver the card you are using requires but for wct4xxp there is a default line mode setting in the modprobe tab of the Dahdi Config module.

Right, I used the wcte13xp for my card for the setting of the E1 mode.

Listen, it seems the [quote=“addisonb, post:5, topic:36358”]

Does not overwrite by dahdi helper on reboot,please tell me if i can use such driver for the setting of the E1 mode for my diguim digital card.

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The driver is specific to the type of card you use, are you saying that you card requires the wcte13xp driver?
If so, any changes to wct4xxp won’t effect your card.

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I think i need to do a little research about that. Anyway i am using a TE131 diguim digital card.
I will have to do other posts on this tread .

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The TE131 does use wcte13xp, you are correct. There isn’t a setting for T1/E1 mode in the modprobe page but if you know what the syntax is, you can add it to the “type it in yourself” field at the bottom.

If i understand you well — the setting for a TE131 card cand be added on the modprobe page in the UI, if yes !
Sure, i know what the syntax is (…) so please tell me if once that syntax is added on the page it’ll not overwrite by the dahdi helper on reboot .

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I don’t think that Dahdi Helper is overwriting, I think that FreePBX is overwriting anything created manually or by the Dahdi helper.
But the answer to your question is yes, if you put it in the Gui it should work every reboot.

Will do and will test .

I will let you know the result.

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