Digium TE133F - really LOUD tone to internal phones after ring

This is on a machine that has been working fine for over a year with no recent updates - came in on Monday and every time a call came in on the PRI or was initiated outbound through the PRI, progress sounds fine (ringing) but the instant the call is bridged, the inside folks would get a DEAFINING tone in their ear where they had to hang up - it hurt! Far side heard normal audio, no tone whatsoever. Rebooted the machine twice and bounced DAHDI several more times, and nothing fixed it, but then I powered the box off, let it sit for a full minute, powered it back on, and it has worked fine since ?!?!

So a couple of questions for the Digium folks:

  1. Have you seen this symptom before? DAHDI Version? Firmware Version?

  2. Is this a symptom of the card failing, or just a random fluke?

It has run fine since the power-cycle, but if it’s failing I would like to replace it while it’s still under warranty, and also so they don’t have the problem again.

I hope it was a fluke…


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