Digium/Sangoma D65, EPM, issues with echo, NTP, and "Dial Entry Timeout"


Total newb. Read some of the recommendtions on here about the digium/sangoma d65 and decided to try a few, and it feels much nicer to me all around than my sangoma s505 and certainly better than my AAastra phones.

However I am having some problems with NTP, their configs, EPM and also a possible codec/echo problem.

Does anyone have a cookbook of all the things to set this phone up with freepbx 15/Asterisk 16 using PJSIP?

(Charles Darwin) #2

Start here

Dont use EPM, use the Digium phones module instead…

I prefer the advanced DPMA configuration


TYVM, waiting on my digium license for the phones for FreePBX!

(Charles Darwin) #4

You dont need a Digium license, Digium D phones work with freePBX. Digium was bought by Sangoma anyway…

(Scristopher7) #5

Some versions of freepbx still require you to put the license info in to use the digium phones module. I also agree with you 100% on not using epm for the digium phones, the digium phones module is so much better for these phones.


Do I “remove” the phone from endpoint manager so that the digium phones module takes control of it?

Right now the digium phones module seems to not be aware that I have 2 Digium endpoints connected to the network.

(Charles Darwin) #7

Yes, you have to remove the phones from the EPM. If you dont have any other phones using the EPM, it would be best to deactivate it.

(Charles Darwin) #8

The default mode of the digium phone module is easy mode. In most cases this is good enough, if you want to configure every little feature of the phones, try the advanced mode I mentioned above.

Here is a script, if you want to use the freePBX contact manager with your phones