Digium phones paging/intercom stopped working - found fix

Today I found a fix for an issue where paging suddenly stopped working on Digium D70, D60, and D40 series phones in case anyone else has the same issue.

Firstly at some point in time recently paging had stopped working on all of our digium phones (sangoma, fanvil, aastra phones paging worked fine), my best guess is that this happened during a recent module update or asterisk update (within the last 2 months). I am actually unaware as to what broke it or when it broke but the phones would simply just hang up after ringing twice when paged or sent a intercom call even when they were set to allow intercom and had the alerts configured (what used to be) properly in the Digium phones module. It appears that the alert info being sent to the phone has changed, or rather the way the phone is handling the alert info now, I’m not sure which - I have not done recent firmware updates to the phone but have updated all freepbx modules and asterisk recently. I was able to to get them to auto answer again by getting the FULL alert info that the phone was getting and adding the new info to a new alert in the digium phones module. There is one small issue which keeps you from doing so initially which is the column length of the alertinfo column within the digium_phones_alerts database table.

So I had to alter the database table to accept more characters because it is hard set to 30 by default:
ALTER TABLE digium_phones_alerts MODIFY alertinfo VARCHAR(100);

Then created a new alert with a generic name with the alert info (Which I saw in asterisk -vvvvvvvvr when trying to intercom or page):
(ringing type set to answer)

Then assigned the alert to a few phones, reconfigured them, and auto answer works after.

This seems like a work around to me but I could be wrong, whats frustrating is that an update to something broke this, could have been asterisk, could have been freepbx either way I’m hoping this gets fixed sometime or proper (non conflicting) steps documented somewhere for other users. The preferable fix would be for the behavior to revert to the way it was, where you could simply add alert info as “ring-answer”. FWIW This doesnt seem to work for D80’s either, but we only have a small amount of those and I don’t really care about them, maybe I’ll figure those out sometime soon unless anyone here has a fix for those. EDIT: D80’s fixed by upgrading them to beta firmware mentioned in reply below.

Small edit further details:
/etc/schmooze/pbx-version = 12.7.5-1902-3.sng7
Asterisk 13.22.0
I know I said I have not done any firmware updates lately but I did today to get to the latest (2.8.0) and intercom still did not work until I made the changes to the database table and set the alert.

using 2.8.0 currently

I’ve been using the digium phones module along with DPMA xml files like you, not EPM.

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Back on topic I found another thread where @malcolmd outlined the issue which didn’t come up in my initial search results, he also posted a link for beta D80 firmware which appears to have fixed the D80 making it work with the new alerts I created in the digium phones module (it wouldn’t work with the old alerts or new ones). I’ll continue using this method as the user that was in the discussion previously was apparently a troll, unless advised otherwise.


@tm1000 after seeing that the digium phones module was no longer going to be maintained and we will be using endpoint manager in the future I got a little worried. Can you comment on if everything will still be available that we have now in EPM once the transition is completed? I’m mostly worried about contacts, status’s, and provisioning. Some of my clients will just totally lose it if they dont have status sync anymore.

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