Digium phones - No blind transfer via BLF keys?

I have a few Digium D70 phones, both at my office and at a client’s. My system is a PBXact system, and the client’s is FreePBX. I am using the commercial EPM to configure the phones at both locations.

When attempting to do a “blind” (unassisted) transfer to another extension, the call never transfers when using the BLF key associated with the desired extension. The BLF key will ONLY allow an assisted transfer - to do a blind transfer, the user must hit Transfer key > dial the extension number (instead of a simple press of the BLF key).

Is there a way to configure these phones to do a blind transfer using the BLF key? I believe this is possible if using DPMA (“Smart BLF”), but my understanding is that this is not compatible with EPM.

Thanks in advance for any help. Please let me know if any other information is needed.