Digium Phones cannot download files from PBX

Have an older FreePBX 15 distro still using DPMA and Digium Phone Configs module. The phones will not download firmware and internal phonebook settings.

when going to https://url/digium_phones/ I get:


You don’t have permission to access /digium_phones/ on this server.

under System admin > port management I have HTTPS Provisioning set to 1443

If I try https://:1443/digium_phones/

I am prompted for a login, I use the provisioning login and get:

Not Found

The requested URL /digium_phones/ was not found on this server.

Which port is the config listening on for the firmware and contacts etc in set in the Digium Phones Module?

I’ll eventually migrate this client over to EPM with DPMA but for a number of reasons that can’t happen now.

Your URL is wrong, it is

…and you dont need it…just click on Connectivity and then on Digium-Phones…

The firmware URL looks like this

…of course, I don’t use the secure protocol…because my system cannot be reached from the outside…

The firmware files are stored here
…you might want to check if there are any…

EDIT: I am not sure, if DPMA and Digium-phones-config are using the provisioning settings of freePBX. I thought those settings are for EPM where the config- and firmware-files are stored in the tftp-folder.

I think you’re missing the point. In Connectivity > Digium Phones > Network there’s a setting under advanced which gives to the phones the location for all files that need to be downloaded. You don’t have to put in the entire path…

I use the advanced DPMA configuration with xml files and this is the path listed in these config files. You are right, if you just use the web-gui you dont need the full path.

Your problem might be that you use https. Did you try to switch to http…just for testing?

EDIT: Did you check with a ftp-client that the firmware files are present?

EDIT2: You wrote “url”…are your phones accessing the freePBX server from outside? Are your firewall settings ok?

Look what I found:
“I am using tftp or http provisioning to configure my D phones, why do i have to switch to DPMA ?
A:- DPMA is the most secure way of configuring the D phones and this will not require you to open any other port like tftp or https to get configurations from the PBX server. With DPMA, devices communicate over the SIP(PJSIP) port with asterisk to fetch their configuration. While it is recommended to switch to DPMA provisioning however for the security benefits alone, it is still optional. You can continue to use other methods such as tftp/http if desired.”

Your provisioning port is useless, I think…


So based on the info above…your Digium phones should load the config/firmware files if they are connected over SIP with the freePBX server.
When you set up the phone…does it automatically find the server?

Not on site and waiting for a reply from the tech that is local. I looked at another site and indeed it was HTTP not HTTPS. I’ll re-configure for that and see what happens.

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