[Digium_phones] Build "cfg" file

Hi There,

Following this closed thread, the phone now tries to pull the 000fd3092e62.cfg from the right path The document_root is indeed /var/www/html and when asked on the phone I log /digium_phones as the destination.

But still the extract error. I believe my cfg file must be erroneous.

Is there anybody to send me the bare minimum for a D40-D50 to be able to log the phone in my system and then add options ?

@malcolmd: how do you sniff apache traffic pls ?

and my file is xml compliant. I tested it with Chrome. You can find it here if interested


Watch the /var/log/httpd/access_log and the /var/log/httpd/error_log files. I use the tail application w/ the -f flag.

And aside, that’s probably not affecting anything…
Your .cfg file includes multicast listeners defined like:

<listener id="1" name="Multicast1" addr="" port="multicastPort0" priority="1" interrupt_calls="0" />

multicastPort0 (nor the others through Port9) isn’t a valid port. You shouldn’t define listeners if you’re not going to use them. And you definitely shouldn’t define them with an invalid port.

@malcolmd: Again, I have no words to thank you for your continued support. No need to carry me to the end, I will do my best to stop harassing you. And anyway, I am too big to be carried.*

… Nevertheless, the phone does not pull the right data and I may have found something. At its early install the VOIP server IP was

And in the res_digium_phone_devices.conf, at the end in the network section I read

alias=Default Network

which does make sense at all, and I do not seem to find where this info is pulled from. Asterisk database. If so, which table ? That would allow me to correct that.


The access.log shows me that the phone is trying to pull the blf items from: - - [14/Mar/2019:09:34:07 +0100] "GET /etc/asterisk/digium_phones/myBlfFile.xml HTTP/1.1" 404 238 "-" "Digium-D50/1_4_2_0_63880"

404 is that it does not find the path…

So I looked around in the log and saw that actually DPMA / Asterisk /Freepbx (?) pulls the files from /var/www/html

So I put my blf.xml there and BINGO it now works without any changes on other files (except devices.conf)

So I would like to thean the community for the support and especially @malcolmd who has been very patient and highly aware.

Yay, glad you were able to use the debugging to sort it :slight_smile:

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