Digium phones and openvpn

I am trying to get the digium D60 series phones to work using the built in openvpn server in freepbx. From what I know the values need to be set in the phones configuration but there is nowhere to do this in the Digium phones configuration UI of freepbx. Previously the config was stored in /etc/asterisk/digium_phones, however now it appears the config values are being stored in the asterisk database. What I have attempted to do was add the values needed for vpn options based on the info from

I have tried to add these values into the appropriate res_digium_phone table, as well as the res_digium_phones_additional.conf files, however these seem to get overwritten when making a config change and trying to include a custom file will blow a module security notice on the dashboard plus the options wont get used anyway. Is there any way to add custom options to the phone configs so that the VPN options can be used until a fix comes for the UI?

I’m trying to accomplish the same thing. I’ve talked to Digium support and, as usual they won’t support FreePBX issues but did tell me that the parameters to configure the D6x series phones belong in the Sip.Conf file general section.

I believe typically you could go into the FreePBX Sip settings and add custom fields to the sip general conf. Problem is, the gui only takes the format of “setting=value” for this.

if you look at the above, there’s “id”, “url” AND “value” so not sure if this is possible.

Well as usual for issues like this, neither Digium nor Freepbx will support this or help - so I just ended up giving up on trying to use openvpn with freepbx.

The System Admin OpenVPN server works fine for supported devices, but Digium is not supported.

Ok, so it’s not supported. Does that mean that digium phones will not work at all with the System Admin OpenVPN or just that sangoma won’t support them?

The latter. You may well get it working with some effort, just that you can’t use EPM to do it.

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