Digium Phones (Aka D series Sangoma Phones) - Loss of Manually Assigned Static IP

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Recently one of our sites all of the phones manually programmed static IP’s dropped off. The phones seemed to have all resumed a DHCP IP pull from the network. Needless to say they were exiting the building incorrectly so we have to work with the end user to reprogram the phones. I’m not after fixes for this part we know the setup is wrong and are working to fix it (money issues)…

These phones have been in use for at least 4 or maybe 5 years.

My question is there a CMOS battery in them?

We are just trying to figure out why they would lose their manually programmed static like this and this is the only thing I could think of.

D40, D60, D65 models in use here.

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Stick with DHCP. Just use reservations if you have to have a “static” IP

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I don’t consider this a work-around, in case that argument comes up. By documenting the addresses in your DHCP server, you are less likely to end up with address conflicts. It also makes it easy for you to have all of your IP space mapped and documented in one place in the system instead of relying on memory to be able to access the devices.

Yes, I know the devices should remember their assigned static IP addresses. Sometimes they don’t, and this is a perfect opportunity to install the “suspenders” where your “belt” has failed.

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I was originally confused by this comment, but after reading it over it sounds like you are actually saying that DHCP reservations are preferable, which I agree to. Just in case anyone else reading this gets confused as well.

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DHCP VS Static - Thank you for the replies, I am aware of how to do this and agree you should do MAC assigned statics or reserve some sort of DHCP scope however you deem necessary, VLAN, dedicated ISP for phones etc etc.

I was more after real world experience with these Digium models losing their hand assigned statics and possible reasons why. I can accept it just happens considering how much code is involved and the cross model compatibilities.

We are working on a better way to do this with this particular client, but the client of course wants it to just work. We band aided by calling and talking them through the static assigns again but we obviously don’t want to do this daily.

For what it’s worth:
FreePBX is hosted by Vitelity
Version is
Asterisk CLI is 13.0.4
Firmware of Phone is 2.7.0

You can’t just upgrade Vitelity PBX’s but I <- large i, know that we need to get them up to Asterisk 16 and PBX 15 when we can.

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