Digium Phone time out connecting proxy server

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In the meantime…

What do you use EPM or the Digium phones config module? If you use the Digium config module check what version of DPMA you currently have by looking at the Digium_phones-General tab. Just to be sure.

The easiest way to update is: go to the system-updates tab and update everything. I just dont know, if this will work since you have a very old freePBX version.
Therefore…and since you already tried the manual at the asterisk.org link above…I suggested to proceed with these instructions.

One important information there is:
"For a RedHat or CentOS 64-bit distro (where a /usr/lib64 path exists), copy the modules to the /usr/lib64 directory instead: "
Since we know now that you have a 64-bit CentOS, you have to check if the new DPMA-files are in /usr/lib64. You can use Filezilla for that. If there are still the old files, proceed with:

# tar xzvf res_digium_phone-13.0_3.5.5-x86_64.tar.gz
# cp /root/res_digium_phone-13.0_3.5.5-x86_64/res_*.so /usr/\

ATTENTION: Use the version, which fits your Asterisk version and is newest (e.g. 3.6.3). And you have to download it first, as described at the asterisk.org-link above.

Now reload DPMA

# asterisk -rx "module reload res_digium_phone.so"

Now check, if it’s still active and licensed:

# asterisk -rvvv
*CLI> digium_phones license status
OK, Valid product license found

Check in the digium-phones-module (general), if the version number has changed…

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I did this steps. but still in my FreePBX-> Digium Addon-> says Add License and not Register. and my phones don’t see server and timeout when I try to connect with server.


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How do you connect to freePBX? Digium phones module or Endpoint-manager?

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If your dpma is not registered, you could try register. Again…it is all there at the Asterisk.org link.
Of course, in your case you have to change the code to x86_64 :wink:

EDIT: How big is your freePBX Installation? How many extensions? Have you ever thought of a new installation (freePBX 15 and Asterisk 16)?

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Digium phones module.

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I’ll try to do that.

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What does the Digium phone module say (General Tab)? Which version of DPMA?

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Not more than 15 Extensions. I’ll defiantly upgrade FreePBX shortly.
Thanks for you help Charles_Darwin.

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Sometimes just a reload of DPMA helps a lot :wink:

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Maybe this helps… :wink:

EDIT: This seems to be a special built for your ancient Asterisk version…

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