Digium Phone Status Issue

When a user selects Prefer Chat for the status, the phone displays a message of Unavailable and the line icon is an ! with a circle around it. The phone still operates as normal, but the status of the phone can not be changed. The phone also shows a presence of Unavailable in the DPMA.

I am using FreePBX 5.211.65-21, Asterisk 11.14.2 and Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 11.0_2.2.0.

I have removed Prefer Chat as a presence option, but can not fix the phones. If I move the extension to a new phone, the issue follows the extension. If I delete the phone from the DPMA and recreate it, the problem persists.

I opened a case with Digium but they will not provide any support since the phone is out of the warranty period. Short of deleting the entire extension, is there any thing that I can do to fix this issue?