Digium phone modules firmware download issue

This may be by design but on my FreePBX 13 systems if I go into the Digium Phones Module > Firmware and search for firmware updates it will only give me versions up to 1.11 and those only for the D80’s

all other phone models the only firmware available is 1.4.2 from june of 2014.

Note on these systems the only phone models are D40/50/70’s

Not sure if that is the reason.

on other sytems with D60’s and above I get versions in the 2.x level

Check the version of the DPMA module itself. Asterisk CLI:

mypbx*CLI> digium_phones show version 
Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 16.0_3.4.10

in that case, it’s 3.4.10.

iirc, we did something in the Digium Phones Add-On for FreePBX to prevent users from upgrading to 2.x or greater firmware unless they were running DPMA 2.0 or greater; as there was an incompatibility between phone firmware 1.x and DPMA 1.x.

But, it’s been years, so my memory isn’t clear.

Makes sense, I’ll have a look and report back

Version is 2.1.1

Simple solution, It was on asterisk11. Switched to 13

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