Digium phone module Alt Registration address?

In the digium phones module > network there’s an advanced setting section that includes an alternate sip registration address/port.

According to the tool tip it’s for a secondary sip registration and port which should make the phone register twice with the PBX allowing for phone calls to continue even if the main registration port goes down.

We have two WAN connetions at our location, a primary with a static IP that has a site to site VPN with the PBX and a wireless connection that does not have static IP or a configured VPN.

The primary registration address for the phones (as configured in the digium phones module) is the vpn ip of the pbx. the secondary is it’s external static IP.

This doesn’t seem to work however. Anyone have any experience with making this work? Am I misunderstanding the purpose of this setting or does it simply not work?


Noting that I’ve not looked at that add-on in years…

the purpose of the alternate registration server is for the phone to have a separate, second system to register to, simultaneously, so that if the primary host is kaput, that outgoing calls can still be made, and incoming calls can still be received. it wasn’t intended as a means for trying to have a phone take two different paths to the same server.

correct, but is there any reason it can’t be set to two different interfaces on the same PBX? on on the private lan, one on the public IP?

You can set it to whatever you want. Whether it works for your purpose is unknown. We didn’t build that functionality in the phone with the intention of trying to take two paths to the same server.

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