Digium Phone Module, Alert Ringing Type 'visual'


When creating an ‘Alert’ for the phones, there’s a ‘Ringing Type’ option of ‘visual’. Does that mean the BLF will simply light up with no tone? This is what I’m looking for, but after assigning the ring to the phone, when used in a ring group, the phone rings with the ‘Digium’ ringtone.

After observing this behavior, I went back into DPMA to verify the alert setting, to see that the type is still ‘visual’, but the Ringtone drop-down box is populated with ‘Alarm’, where when creating the alert, the ‘Ringtone’ ddbox was removed before saving. (worst case scenario is I use ‘beep’ since that’s the least intrusive). As I mentioned earlier, we want the option of ‘no ring’, blf only. I imagine that’s what you had in mind in the first place.

(Edit: I realized I could probably upload a ‘blank’ ringtone. This will also solve my problem in the meantime. Sorry for not thinking that before writing all of this out)

FreePBX request: What would be really spectacular is if the FreePBX folks could have an ‘alert’ option for an extension so I could put the alert in there instead of having to create multiple ring groups within ring groups for different ring preferences. (“All of apps doesn’t want to hear production lines ring, but MAY want to pick the call”. I’m about to throw the whole lot of them off a cliff).