Digium Phone & Intercom/Auto-Answer

Digium D70 with firmware 2.9.x (.19 & .22 specifically)

Migrated from an older EOL FreePBX and updated phone firmware to 2.9.19. Alerts do not seem to be working anymore so I’m not getting Intercom functionality nor able to set specific ringtones via Alerts.

I did find a thread from 2019 discussing this regarding an earlier firmware which was resolved by using a beta firmware. Can I override the ALERTINFO format or is downgrading the firmware the only solution? Assuming this is firmware related.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Disabling Enforce RFC7462 in Advanced Settings is what I was missing. I was too focused on manually adjusting ALERTINFO and glossed right over that. All is working now.

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I believe that fw version 2.9.25 will allow RFC7462 to work with these devices, otherwise your method will work as well.

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