Digium Phone Firmware Bug

I recently deployed the D60s for the first time using DPMA 3.0.1 and firmware

Today I upgraded DPMA to 3.2.0, and then tested the firmware on (1) D60 phone.

The update fixed some bugs (Presence State / Status now works), but broke the ability to dial in to change a System Recording.

This client has (1) recording (a greeting), it can be changed with Feature Code dial *291.

On, this works as expected.

On, dialing *291 results in the dead air for ~3 seconds, then a message onscreen - “System Error” and the phone restarts. This is repeatable across restarts, and even resetting/re-provisioning the phone.


We just pushed a firmware. Can you give that a go and see if it addresses the problem?


Thanks, Malcolm. Will do tomorrow morning and advise results.

Just closing the loop, the firmware updated corrected the issue.